• Art school with Helena Busch (since 2004), Kassel

  • Art exhibition in the town hall, Kassel

  • Training as a nail stylist in Daugavpils with Tatjana Malikova

  • Training at Nail House Julija (gel modeling) by Julija Batrakova, Kassel 


  •  Nail art training with Liana Vasileva, Riga * Modeling of new style technique with Liana Vasileva "Almond", "Square", "Pipe" u. "Stilettos"


  • Nail art with Valentina Rill


  • Nail art training at Nail House Julija "Flower Painting Level 1-3" with Julija Batrakova

  • Nail art training at NHJ "Foil Designs" with Julija Batrakova

  • Nail art training at NHJ "Abstraction" with Julija Batrakova


  • Watercolor painting with Ariana Medwed, 1st & 2nd Level

  • Nail art training at NHJ "Obstdesign" with Julija Batrakova

  • Nail art at NHJ "Sand & Puder" with Julija Batrakova

  • Instructor at NHJ's basic training (3-5 days program) 


  • Chinese painting with Irina Hermann from Moscow


  • New Style Stiletto with Swetlana Surkowa from Russia, Bielefeld
    Training at Make Up Atelier Paris, Nuremberg with Nelly Morena
    HD Make up, Contouring, Wedding, Fantasy, Day Make up at make Up Atelier Paris, Nuremberg Nelly Morena
    * distributor of Make Up Atelier Paris 


  • Graduated from professional high school as a "media designer" (Abitur)

  • Gel painting with Gabo Kavacs, Stuttgart Christal Nails

  • "Magic of flowers"

  • nail art with Ludmila Vasileva, Germany * Modeling with pinch technique with Ludmila Vasileva, Kassel

  • Nail art with Liana Vasileva, Riga


  • Eyelash extensions at Alena Skodic, AS-Lepota Slovenia

  • Volume technology at Alena Skodic

  • Perfection training at AS-Lepota


  • Professional training refill with milling technology with Ludmila Vasileva, Kassel

  • Marketing training at unguis Art in Frankfurt

  • Hygiene training with Catherine Nails, zierenberg (certificate)

  • Microblading training at Luxus Beauty Line in Cologne


  • Foundation of Mademoiselle Beauty Academy

  • Phicontour permanent make-up training (diploma)

  • Phibrows microblading training (diploma)

  • Perfection training for microblading phibrows (diploma)

  • Perfection training volume technology with Katharina Weigandt

  • Biggest master class for PMU in Belgrade by Branko Babic

  • Trainer for eyelash extensions 

  • PhiRemoval training with Ella Sakalauskiene


  • Royal Artist qualification

  • Permanent Make Up Soft Shading with Margarete Janzen


  • Foundation of own  cosmetic line "Sofia Bella"

  • Congress in Lithuania as speaker for "Beauty Glow"

  • Yumi Lashes trainer


  • Vegas Brows (latest technology from  America)

  • Yumi Lashes Perfection Training 2.0